​Registration is for Leaders/Youth Pastor's only and is NOT to be used for individual registration.
Please read these instructions before beginning the process.


1.  Before you register your group, you will need:

  • The Total number of participants (Adults/Students)

  • Bank Information for an Online Check (Account/Routing) to pay the deposit, OR a Credit Card.

Note:  To help with our waiting list, please be as accurate as possible with your overall number of participants.  Each participant (student/adult) will be subject to a $50 deposit.  Before March 30th, if you drop a spot from your roster, $25 will be held as non-refundable and non-transferable.  After March 30th, you will be responsible for the full deposit for each unused spot ($50) unless there is no waiting list, at which point you will be responsible for the full cost of the event for each dropped spot.


2.  Once you have all the information, click on the "Register Now" link below.  After inputting your registration numbers, you will need to create an account.  This will give you access to your roster once your registration is complete.  If you have previously used the system, you should be able to log in using your previous information.


3.  Complete the check-out process


4.  Once the checkout process is complete, you will be able to log in and see your itinerary.  This will be your hub for your group's registration.  From here, you will be able to add students/sponsors to your roster using the process outlined below:


  • Step 1:  To complete the registration process, you will need an email address for each participant (students/adults).  For students, you will need to collect a parent's email address. 

  • Step 2:  From your user home page, click on "view itineraries"

  • Step 3:  Click on "manage roster"

  • Step 4:  On your roster, you will see next to the student or sponsor categories an "invite" link.  Click there.

  • Step 5:  You will see a pop-up with "send request code" as an option, click there.

  • Step 6:  Fill in the information requested and click "send"

  • Step 7:  Repeat for each participant (student/adult)


Note:  The registration process for each student will be completed by their parent or legal guardian.  Sponsors will complete their own registrations.  As the group leader, you will have real-time access to the status of each registration inside of your itinerary.  Participant registrations are not complete until you see "Medical: Completed" and "All Terms and Conditions Signed" below their names (Example Below -- "Male Student" will be replaced with the name of the registered participant)




5.  Rosters must be completed by the initial deadline (TBD).  At this point any unused spaces on your roster may be given to those on a waiting list due to our event being capped.  Each spot removed from your roster to give to the waiting list after this date will forfeit their $50 deposit.  If there is not a waiting list, or a student is unable to come to the event, you will be held responsible the for paying the full event cost for each empty space on your roster.  Please be diligent in completing your rosters on time.

For a guide on how to register your group, click here

For questions or more information, email