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​Registration is for Leaders/Youth Pastor's only and is NOT to be used for individual registration.
Please read these instructions before beginning the process.


1.  Before you register your group, you will need:

  • The Total number of participants (Adults/Students) and teams.

  • A credit/debit card to pay the deposit ($50/participant and all Team Fees).

Note:  To help with our waiting list, please be as accurate as possible with your overall number of participants.  Each participant (student/adult) will be subject to a $50 deposit.  Here are the key dates for registration:

March 15th: Registration opens at 12:00 PM PST

May 5th: Final rosters due (all paperwork uploaded, etc.)

If you need to drop a spot after April 14th, and there is no waiting list, you will still be responsible for the $50 deposit.


2.  Once you have all the information, click on the "Register Now" link below and complete the registration process.

Initial Registration Walk Through

Registration Portal Walk Through

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