Because of the current situation with COVID-19, we have removed the 3-tier system we have been going by in recent years.  All attendees will be "Tier 1" participants, which is detailed below.

Tier 1: $150

All Inclusive: Includes Programming, Housing, and Food on campus at PLNU (Dinner on Friday, July 9 through breakfast on Monday, July 12)



Elevate is open to all participants from your church junior high (7th grade) through high school (graduating in the current school year).  Other than age/grade, the southwest field does not put any requirements on attendance.  This is at the sole discretion of your local church.​


  • Definition of Sponsor: Any adult meeting the age requirements who attends Elev8 and is staying on the Campus of Point Loma Nazarene University during the event.  Sponsors should consider themselves the spiritual leader to their students while at Elev8 by joining in worship, praying at the altars, attending district huddles, as well as taking every opportunity to invest in the lives of the students.

  • Each Church/District is responsible for the close supervision of its participants and must provide a minimum of 1 sponsor for every 7 students.  Sponsors should ensure all students are in attendance at all worship services, on time to all events they are participating in, obeying all curfew and noise guidelines for the University, and exhibit positive Christian conduct at all times.​

  • It is preferable that sponsors be 23 years of age or older.  No sponsor shall be under the age of 21.

  • Sponsors are subject to approval by District Leadership.

  • All Sponsors, leaders, youth pastors, parents, or any other participant that does not qualify as a student participant are required to:

    • Complete a background check with their local church before attending this event, ​

    • Complete the NAZ SAFE Sexual Abuse Awareness Training

      • Sponsors, Pastors, and Leaders will not be able to attend without a certificate showing the completion of this training.  If you do not have a certificate from a time you completed this training before, or you have never taken the training, you can complete this requirement by visiting this website, registering as a "single user" and paying the $10 required to take the 1-hour course, complete the test, and be awarded your certificate of completion.


All sponsors and participants must be registered for the event via the online registration system at www.elev8event.com.  Group leaders can register their groups via the registration tab above.

Check-in at Elev8 will take place in BROWN CHAPEL foyer, from 10:00 AM through 1:00 PM on the opening day of the event.  Here, all remaining registration fee balances (via church check, e-check, or credit card) must be turned in at check-in.  Checks can be payable to "SWF-Elevate". 



Housing at Elev8 will be in the dorm rooms on campus at Point Loma Nazarene University, with occupancy of 2-5 persons per room.  All housing is based on a first come, first serve basis based on receipt of registration.  Churches will be given their housing assignments upon arrival at PLNU for the event.  Bedding is NOT provided by the Southwest Region.  Each person must bring their own bedding.  Dorm rooms will not be locked throughout the event.


Elev8 worship services and district huddles are mandatory for all sponsors and participants.  Services are held 1-2 times daily with district huddles immediately following.  Check your event schedule for service and huddle times.


​Curfew goes into effect upon completion of the nightly activities.  Registrants may not leave the dorms after curfew.  Everyone is responsible to adhering to this curfew and Point Loma's quiet time (noise ordinance), which begins at 10:00 PM each night. 

Note: noise ordinance includes any amplified sound outdoors, as well as loud group noise.



​​Elev8 Central is located in room PE-2, on the south side of Golden Gymnasium.  Refer to your PLNU Campus map for location.  Questions or problems should be directed to Elev8 Central.  All District NYI Presidents can be contacted from this office.


Lost and found will be located at Elev8 Central, in room PE-2 on the south side of Golden Gymnasium.