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3 on 3 Basketball - Location: First Church Gym

Spikeball & Coed Volleyball - Location: PLNU Track




All the events listed below students can participate in at Elev8.  When you arrive at PLNU pick up your event schedule with times and places at registration.

PREACHING: Students will be given 7 minutes to deliver a preplanned sermon.  Be sure to give insight to a least one passage of scripture.

  • Judged on: Content, Delivery.​

POETRY: Students have up to 7 minutes to read/recite any amount of poetry they’d like.  Participants must clearly identify the author of each piece.  We encourage you to try some original pieces and memorization.  It would also be wise to explain why you chose the piece and what it means to you.

  • Judged on: Choice of poems, content, mood, and delivery.


STORY TELLING: Students will have 5 minutes to tell a story.  Stories can be fictional or non-fictional.

  • Judged on

    • Delivery of the story – does it move the audience?

    • Content – is it creative, funny, dramatic, or informational.

    • Is it captivating? Did you tell a story that grabbed the audience’s attention?​

SHORT FILM: Students will be allowed to show any combination of original works, or one complete piece, totaling 5 minutes in length (if you have a piece that exceeds 5 minutes it will need to pass a pre-screening from the judging panel.  They reserve the right to turn off the film 5 minutes into it if the piece is not quality work. We have just had too many pieces drag on with inside jokes; we are trying to eliminate that. If it is a quality narrative it may exceed 5 minutes).  NOT ALL PIECES SUBMITTED WILL BE SHOWN.  We are anticipating having many short films submitted, please submit yours! Burn it on a DVD and bring it down.  We will be collecting them on Friday during registration (10:00 AM – 1:30 PM) when your group registers.  Our panel of judges will be screening the submissions.  We will narrow down our top 10-12 projects and show them on a projection screen. Turn in what you’ve got; they can be any genre. 

  • No overtly inappropriate content (nudity, etc).

  • Judged on: Production value, content, overall impact or feel.


TIMED ART:  This event will be awesome!  No more than 8 people on a team will have a table with a pile of supplies under a cardboard box.  You will have an hour to use as many as the supplies given to you to create art. Note: Cost: $10 per team to help cover supplies to be paid at time of the event.

  • Judging art is super subjective so we will be having people from the PLNU art department to determine the best piece.

ART/PHOTOGRAPHY: Bring your pre-made art pieces or framed photography pieces. We will display them in a central location and have awards for whatever categories we can form out of what you turn in! Bring whatever you are passionate about and proud of.


PING PONG: Students will compete against other students in rounds of competitive Ping Pong.  We encourage students to have fun and dress in their best Ping Pong attire – high tennis socks, sweat bands, bright polo shirts, and ninja suits highly welcomed. Game rules will depend on the number of participants on the day of the event.

  • Judged on: Who wins the games and who has the best costume

BILLIARDS: Students will be able to compete in a full on 9-ball tournament against other student.  

  • Judged on: Standard 9 ball rules, bracket style tourney.​

ARM WRESTLING: Students will compete against other students in an arm wrestling tournament to have fun and to determine who has the strongest arm! The bigger the audience, the more fun this event will be. If we have enough contestants we will have a women’s bracket too. 

  • Judged on: Tourney rules will be determined the day of the event.

THUMB WARS: So you always beat your brother or sister in a good game of Thumb Wars at home… now it’s your chance to take it to the streets!

  • Judged on: Who wins the single elimination style bracket.​

SOMERSAULTS: Winner will be the student who can do the most somersaults in a row.  You do not have to be a gymnast to compete – instructors and spotters will be present on day of the event for those who just want to give it a try.

  • Judged on: Consecutive total number. If there is a tie, students will be judged on execution.


HULA HOOP: Students will compete in a hula-hooping contest.

  • Judged on: Who can hula their hoop the longest?


SIMON SAYS: Simon Says to show up at this event and have lots of fun!​


WATER BALLOON TOSS: Pairs event.  Students will compete against other teams – tossing a water balloon back and forth without dropping and breaking the balloon.  The team that has the longest toss wins!​

HOPSCOTCH:  We are playing old western rules – throwing rocks and skipping boxes.

  • Judged on: style, pure style.


CHESS: It’s a chess tournament. We will play speed chess if we need to.

BUBBLE GUM BLOWING: We will be chewing as much gum as we can and seeing who can blow the biggest bubble! Pretty easy – tons of fun!

FOUR SQUARE: Depending on the number of participants – the winner of this event will be the one who stays in the top square the longest.  Bring your typewriters and your cherry bombs because this event will be off the heezy!

STUPID HUMAN TRICKS: This is the probably this most open category – who ever can do the weirdest, most gross, most jaw dropping human trick – will win.


STARING CONTEST: You will lock eyes with another person. The first person to blink is out. This will be a tournament. Haha! Bring your stone cold stares. No distractions allowed because it isn’t a laughing contest.

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